Animal of the Week: Solenodon

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Now, I know what you’re thinking. “What. The. Fuck.” I can explain.

The Solendon, which, at first glance, appears to be some sort of anteater mole hybrid birthed from the mind of Tim Burton, is actually a jolly little Cuban creature.

Boots the Monkey, eat your heart out, amiright?

The Solenodon looks so cute.  It looks so pocket sized and manageable. Kind of like a hedgehog but fluffier and sporting a permanent loving and dolphin-like smile.
And hey, here’s another fun fact you may not have realized, that smile is loaded with kisses FUCKING LETHAL VENOM.

I am not even joking. It emits venom through it’s teeth similar to the way a rattlesnake would. Not only that, but apparently it’s on its period 24/7 because it is extremely irritable all the time, and it does not hesitate to bite. Reconsidering this as a pet option?

Everyone thought they were extinct, until scientists discovered a few in 2003. They were found in  a cave and plotting our demise.

There is something to appreciate about a rare and venomous mammal like this, and I’m always grateful for things that eat insects. Some BBC researchers went Solenodon hunting last summer, and found out that Solenodons smell musty, like an old drape or a pocket, they like quiet alone time, and they enjoy trying to bite and scratch BBC people.

It really is kind of cool because they’re quite ancient, and haven’t really evolved. They look the same as they did when they were chilling with dinosaurs 76 million years ago. 

REMEMBER: Their venom is not deadly to humans, just unpleasant. So if you see one, feel free to give into your temptation. Surrender to it’s sweet little face and cuddle it up and love it. Just double bag yourself and it will probably be okay*.

*In some instances the following may occur


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