The Jerboa is the best animal ever discovered

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Imagine the possibilities if a kangaroo and a mouse ever got hammered one night and ended up hooking up. Then, they experimented with some mind altering drugs, and called over a rabbit to join them. The result may look something like this…
It is a long-eared Jerboa and it is magical. It resides in Asia and Northern Africa, Egypt, and is described as a jumping desert rodent. Their ears are one of their more prominent features, and ear sizes range from BIG ears

Dumbo ears

Dumbo ears

to little ears.
wtf you lookin at

little ears

So far what I’ve learned about them is…
-They’re awesome
-They like sand
-Hop a lot
-Some eat seeds and plants, others eat insects, and some are omnivores. They’re just like us!
-The Egyptian Jerboas rely on their food to provide them with moisture, so they do not drink at all and never get invited to parties.
-2 species are considered threatened: the 5-toed Pygmy Jerboa and the thick-tailed Pygmy Jerboa.
My personal favorite is the Long-eared Jerboa. See? Even a freaking zoologist called them extraordinary!
Four-toed Jerboa looks like a peanut

Four-toed Jerboa looks like a peanut


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Because it’s Thursday!

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Hey… Have a look at this guy… What’s he doing? He’s so craazy.

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