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October 7, 2008 at 7:34 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

So I’ve finally gone and gotten myself my very own blog. Ugh, I am so gay. But it HAD to be done, because I’ve got alot of nosense to ramble about and I need an instrument to get it out of my system, Facebook notes just won’t suffice anymore. I chose the layout called “Sunburn”, because I can relate to the title, and the colours are black and orange, and I love Halloween.

Halloween is crouched on its haunches once again, ready to pounce at our throats and coat them with wonderful candy, some of which will be from last year. You won’t know which ones, but I promise you, something you eat this Halloween will be! And to be perfectly honest, I don’t really have a problem with that. I’m sure i’ve done it before, maybe even today.
I will resist the urge to dress up my dog, sometimes he’s scary enough just as is. Especially with his newly acquired habit of humping inanimate objects and children. Other peoples children, and leaving me solo for the awkward explanation, ummm he’s just very, VERY friendly.. Why does he go for the kids? I have no idea, I think it’s cause they’re small like him, maybe he senses the youngness so feels he can take advantage of them. On second thought maybe i’ll dress him up in some 80s glasses and a trenchcoat and he can be a convicted sex criminal.

On another note, more than a few times this week I have found a leaf on my floor and mistaken it for a reptile. How do the leaves get in? Yes, that rapist pedophile again, the dog. When puppy destruction hits a room, i’ve just been piling the clutter and shredded paper, and covering it by draping an attractive blanket. It may or may not give the room a more finished appearance.

Now I must go because Jim is chewing on the lid to my bottle of Coke and I want those iCoke points.


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