My failing Golden Globe predictions

January 18, 2010 at 3:07 pm (awards, media craziness, News) (, , , , , )

Best Motion Picture – Drama
I thought: Precious would win because Oprah says so
And then: Avatar won

Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy
I thought: Nine would win, then saw it and changed my vote to 500 Days of Summer.
And then: The Hangover won

Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama
I thought: Clooney
And then: Bridges… Still good.

Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama
I thought: Emily Blunt
And then: Sandra Bullock.

Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy
I thought: I refused to choose one, then decided on RDJ after seeing Sherlock Holmes.
And then: Robert Downy Jr. I’m pleased.

Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy
I thought: Marion Coutillard, BUT I did say Streep would be a close second. Half points?
And then: Meryl Streep. At least she delivered one of the best quotes of the night… “I’m gonna change my name to T-Bone… T-Bone Streep.”

Best Supporting Actor
I thought: Stanley Tucci
And then: Christopher Waltz. Still pleased, he was good.

Best Supporting Actress
I thought: Vera / Penelope
And then: Mo’Nique

Best Director
I thought: Quentin
And then: James Cameron….

Best Screenplay
I thought: Quentin Tarantino
And then: Jason Reitman & Sheldon Turner. I’m okay with this, because I just saw Up in the Air and it was very good.

Original Song
I thought: Bono’s song from “Brothers”
And then: T Bone Burnett and Ryan Bingham, “The Weary Kind,” from “Crazy Heart”
And I’m JUST realizing now that’s where Meryl Streep got T-Bone from. I thought she was just being random.

Best Original Score
I thought: UP
And then: UP.. . Win!

Best Animated Film
I thought: Fantastic Mr. Fox
And then: Up

Best Foreign Language
I thought: Das Weisse Band, because I want to go to Germany.
And then: The White Ribbon… Ironically also German

Best TV Series – Dramaz
I thought: Mad Men
And then: Mad Men

Best TV Series – Musical or Comedy
I thought: Glee
And then:

Best Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television
I thought: No idea. I was totally lost.
And then: Grey Gardens

Best TV Actor – Musical or Comedy
I thought: I suffered through choosing one but settled on Duchovney.
And then: Alec Baldwin.. Still good. Still so, so good.

Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy
I thought: Tina Fey
And then: Toni Collette

Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Drama
I thought: Don Draper… I mean Jon Hamm
And then: Michael C. Hall. Still good, he is recovering from cancer treatment and still showed up and took home the well deserved Globe. Congrats to him

Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series – Drama
I thought: January Jones (Betty Draper)
And then: Julianna Marguiles… I could sense the “J”

Supporting Actor (TV)

I thought: Either Neil Patrick Harris or Jeremy Piven
And then: John Lithgow

Supporting Actress (TV)
I thought: Jane Lynch
And then: Chloe Sevigny. UGH, I like her but… Wtf


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MTV pulls Snooki punch out scene from Jersey Shore

December 14, 2009 at 4:54 pm (MTV, News) (, , , , , , , , , , )

I don’t agree with violence against women – or against men & children – but this, is a disappointment of epic proportion. Not because I wanted to see anyone get hurt, but… Okay kind of, but MTV has been using that clip as advertisement for the show, and I think anticipation of that moment is a partial explanation for it’s exceptionally high ratings.
It’s a good thing that most of us have already seen the clip of Jersey Shore resident, “Snooki”, taking a punch straight to the face from some random club Guido. And it’s a seriously a hard punch, he probably knocked the spray tan right off of her.

I'm aiight

“After hearing from our viewers, further consulting with experts on the issue of violence, and seeing how the video footage has been taken out of context to not show the severity of this act or the resulting consequences, MTV has decided not to air Snooki being physically punched in next week’s episode. The show will still make it clear what events transpired, including the full aftermath.”
You can read more (and see the clip!) here.
I was watching Entertainment Tonight , and though it’s not document in that link, Snooki went on record saying she thinks it’s a good thing the clip gets aired, so girls know that something like that can happen to any of them… I don’t know. I think it can probably only happen to Jersey Shore girls.

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Twitter + People = Tweeple

June 17, 2009 at 2:10 pm (Gigs, Good Things, Gossip, Interwebs, News, Shameless Self Promotion, Shout outs) (, , , , , , , , )

Picture 7
Side gigs are fun. Especially when they’re about shit I enjoy discussing already, like music and movies and gossip. That’s what Tweeple Magazine is. They are a start up social media company, having a little fun with an online magazine combining news/celeb news, with the overwhelming popularity of Twitter.
Some articles I’ve written for them so far are:
Lindsay Lohan flashed everyone on Twitter. Soo basically, the world (again).
MC Hammer has a reality show. … umm….yeah.
Twitter: The Movie. I don’t know what I’d rather watch, this or MC Hammer’s show.
And, Disney joining Twitter. YAY!

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Jam with Tamarama

June 5, 2009 at 2:18 pm (crazy, Good Things, Gossip, kate, Music, News, Shout outs, Toronto, Want) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , )

Jay and Pottsy of Tamarama

Jay and Pottsy of Tamarama

So, my roomie Hilary and I went to a Darfur benefit concert this Tuesday at the Berkeley Heritage Church, featuring Australian import band, Tamarama.
You might recognize the frontman, Jay, from MTV’s The City. Once we managed to get past the fact that we were surrounded by swooning 16 year old girls, it was pretty fun. The bar was barren though so we had to make our way across the street to a very shady bar called Buffalo’s, where we got into an argument with a man about the skillset of Lady Gaga, and discussed the Dixie Chicks. Then his girlfriend threatened to beat us up, for allowing conversation.
ANYHOO. The show was fun, but what was more fun was coincidentally befriending the band’s manager, who allowed us our own meet and greet session.


. Everyone was soo excited to meet Jay and Pottsy because they are former models and Jay was on The City, AND dated the hottest girl alive, my favourite VS model. We were equally excited to meet the other guys too, the forgotten ones!
sweet little Jasper, we wouldn't forget you

sweet little Jasper, we wouldn't forget you

During our meet and greet, we half jokingly suggested they come to a bar with us, since we were probably the only girls in there of legal drinking age. And he proceeded to say the single greatest possible word that could have come out of his mouth at that exact moment…”Okay.”…. Wait, what? Now the pressure was on to think of a hip enough bar to impress them with, but the first suggestion that came out was, “not Buffalo’s”. Knowing where NOT to go is at least a start. I said if this actually happened I would eat my ticket.
Anyways, we ended up at the Drake Hotel, pretty snazzy. There was tequila, it got pretty sloppy, especially for a Tuesday night. We left Jay the hot aussie in a pool of admirers (how the eff did they get in, does the Drake only ID on weekends?) got some drunk pizza which was in a word, awesome, and made it home in time to sleep for an hour before work. W00t!


We did it all for the good cause! 100% of ticket sales went to benefit Darfur.
the band

the band

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Bigger isn’t better

April 6, 2009 at 2:35 pm (agencies, Gossip, industry) (, , , )

I was out with a friend the other night who works at a major international ad agency, which shall remain undisclosed, but it’s one of the awards whores and one that every little ad boy and girl vie to get their foot into. When we graduated from school this friend was crazy about the ad biz, just loved it. But after working at this huge and prestigious shop, they are ready to quit forever, and angry and bitter at the world.
So wtf? Getting briefs at 5am, working ’til midnight every Friday, being frequently scolded by the CD, and feeling untrusted because you’re the only one in the office not snorting cocaine, might have something to do with it.
It makes me appreciate working in a small shop that much more. People here are bonded and look out for each other, no one takes credit for each others work, and I can’t imagine my Creative Director every saying anything like, “fuck you, go back to the drawing board”.
To me, Monday morning isn’t even a bad thing anymore. Whereas at some other places, every day feels like a shitty Monday. Even the weekends, because you’re just that bitter. The only benefit of working in a huge international shop seems to be simply the name on your resume. And even that doesn’t sound like it’s worth it. I’d stay loyal to the small shops (especially this one) over the big ones annnyy day of the week.

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