We tried every kind of Frank’s Red Hot

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When I see that little old lady in Frank’s Red Hot commercials who says, “I put that shit on everything,” it’s just like looking into the future.

I wholeheartedly believe that that shit can be put on everything. Stir-fry, salads, mixed into dipping sauces, pizza, on top of crackers, cereal, in cocktails, on steamed vegetables, on cheese slices, as chip dip, ice cream topper, when I say I put it on everything, I’m not playing around. My roommate and I go through Frank’s weekly.
Which is why we decided to branch out, and accept that Frank’s does in fact come in a variety of flavours.

FRANK’S® RED HOT® Chile and Lime

mmm, Limey

Initial reaction: You can’t add lime to Frank’s, that’s sabotage.

Upon further research: Alright so maybe the lime adds an interesting tang to the spiciness. We bought this one on a whim, on our very first step outside the Franks’ box of original.

Where it works: On everything. Especially tequila, tortillas, and tequila tortillas. Also on seafood, like shrimp or fish or other creatures from the sea.

Where it doesn’t: On birthday cake.

FRANK’S® RED HOT® Buffalo Wing Sauce

mmm, wingy

Initial reaction: this is gonna taste like buffalo wings.

Upon further research: It taste just like buffalo wings.
Veggie people will be able to put this on tofu or basically anything, and it tastes like you’re eating chicken wings. We got this as part of a recipe for buffalo chicken dip and loved it so much we doubled the amount the recipe called for, then got another bottle.

Where it works: This shit works on everything. Especially pasta, meat, lasagna, vegetables, legumes, and anything that is food. You have to like the smokey BBQ taste though.

Where it doesn’t: On apple pie. It would however, work on chicken pot pie.

FRANK’S® RED HOT® Sweet Heat

mm.. sweet, no wait, hot!

Initial reaction: This isn’t going to be spicy enough for me.

Upon further research: This isn’t spicy enough…oh..wait, wait…ok there’s the bite.

Despite it’s low ranking on the heat scale, this Frank’s might just be my favourite one yet. The flavour of this one tastes more like wings than the Buffalo Wing Frank’s. It really is sent from the hot sauce Gods.

Where it works: Everything. Even better with eggs, pizza, salads, sauces, or plain straight from the bottle.

Where it doesn’t: In the eyes.


Initial reaction: I’m scared.


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T.O’s streetmeat just got more edible, maybe kinda

May 21, 2009 at 3:52 pm (Food, Local) (, , , , , , , )

a new "smartcart" by the Rogers Centre

No longer do Toronto’s meats from the streets consist solely of hot dogs, sausages and other surprises wrapped in mysteries. Talk of this has been going on for a long time, and they’ve finally arrived, deemed with the name “Smart Carts”, aw. They’re all over the popular spots of Toronto, like Nathan Philips Square, the Rogers Centre, The Annex, and Yonge and St. Clair. There’s chicken slouvaki, Greek salad, saffron rice with chicken and/or veggies and yogurt sauce, flat bread filled with more vegetables, yaiza. This is all well and good, but street salad? Just a little bit sketch although Toronto Public Heath has said A.O.K.

some type of fajita

some type of fajita

I am definitely going to give this a try at some point, despite that all the food critics from the Toronto Star HATED IT. Maybe they need to try it intoxicated at 3 a.m because I know that’s when the old fashioned streetmeat tasted it’s very best. Even if it is gross, I still give the city an A for effort on this one, variety is always good and it’s most likely at least a little healthier than mystery sausage.

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