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Shane Fair

Shane Fair

This is serious, Shane went to high school with myself and friends at Danforth Tech, then onto York University. He was last seen on Friday May 15th at the Atlantis Pavillion in Toronto by Ontario Place. Friends and family gathered for an unsuccessful search on Sunday afternoon, but we did manage to cover the downtown core with posters.
You can get more information from the Facebook group for Shane, which has over 3,000 members and counting. If you have ANY information at all, even if you think it’s useless, please call the number above in the poster. Every little bit helps. In the meantime, keep your thoughts with his family, who is remaining very strong, and hopeful through all of this!

Shane at the Calumet Formal - May 15

Shane at the Calumet Formal - May 15


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There’s a coyote on the loose! It’s in the Beaches and eating Chihuahua’s left right and center. Which brings us to the great debate, to kill or not to kill? People are saying comments like…
March 29, 2009 at 5:52:04 PM
G New
the city is waiting for a baby to get snatched before action.

Okay “G”, the solution to that is a simple one. Don’t leave your defenseless infant alone in Neville Park. Here’s one comment I like better from Allie the hippie.

March 30, 2009 at 10:36:50 PM
I’m sorry but arn’t we the ones to blame for this animal in our community? We keep building and tearing down their habitat and these animals are the ones to blame for preying on our ” DOMESSTIC” animals? Why should this beautiful animal be caught and be put down when it’s only doing what it knows best… surviival. It’s sad to hear that a pet has lost it’s life but does that mean that ths animal has to lose it’s life because “WE” have taken away its habitat and home?. Either way this seems to be a lose lose situation and because a pet has lost it’s life we seem to think that the best outcome would be to put this animal down. I say capture it and set it free far from civilization.!


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