Animal of the Week: Janitor Dog

January 7, 2011 at 8:58 pm (animals, Good Things, Want)

NOT to be confused with The Dog Janitor, which is a company that cleans your dog shit. This is much different. This is a dog that cleans your shit. His name is Neo, he’s like a Matrix puppy from some kind of janitor Matrix!

Sad Keanu lost job to Janitor Dog

What more could you ask for? No longer are you burdened by having to get up off the easy-boy chair and carry your crushed cans of Coors (and/or Bud) Light all the way to the recycling bin. Or if you’re a real monster, the regular garbage.

Reuse Reduce and Recycle

But really, this is the most effective anti-littering campaign I’ve ever seen. Who wants to make the innocent little puppy do dirty work, pushing his little cart on his little legs with his little broom. Aww he so little.

He should be hired to appear on Hoarders , then the ratings would really fly.

proper training looks like this.

Now available in Otter:


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