Swiney and Stylin’

May 7, 2009 at 3:50 pm (media craziness, trends) (, , , , , )

Now you can defend yourself from swine flu, pig flu, H1N1, or all of the above, with this HOT NEW ANTI-SWINE PIG MASK! Wowow looks so cool and lets everyone around know to back right the eff off!
For some reason I am truly fascinated with the swine flu. Or more so the hype and panic surrounding it. I just want to talk about swine flu all day long.



  1. hugahoodie said,

    My fiends have quarantined me to my room because I bang on about it so much.

    I’m afraid of anyone who sneezes near me. But actually, what the hell happend to carrying a hankerchief -not that I do, just tissues which are lots cooler?

    It stopped in the 70s maybe, part of thecounter culture movement. I bet you wish people used hankies now!

    • katebowenpowwow said,

      Good point, going back to carrying hankies (or even sacrificing a sleeve every now and then) would probably save us all a lot of trouble. Some people don’t even even cover their mouths at all, which can be quite disgusting on a crowded bus

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